Monday, August 16, 2010

Secret Life of CeeCee: Chapters 1-10

MY TAKE 1. What was your first impression of Tim? Well my first impression of Tim was kind of like my first impression of my husband. We met we he was 23 and I was 17, sound almost familiar? My first thoughts were, he knows a whole lot more about "life" than CeeCee and she should go slowly. Don't get me wrong I was lucky to get such a great guy, but not all are like my husband. 2. If you were in CeeCee's position, would you be willing to help your boyfriend in the way that she is willing to help Tim? Absolutely, Positively, NOT!!! That is crazy. Who would risk their life, and freedom for a guy she barely even knows. Without definite details. 3. Why do you thin CeeCee is eager to please Tim? Because she doesn't have anyone to fill that void in her heart and she is willing to overlook some things in order to keep that spot in her heart filled. 4. Who do you think has it harder? Tim or CeeCee? Tim has his problem with his sister, but I think CeeCee has it harder, because her heart is into the situation so much. Tim just seems to be going on Auto Pilot and doing what needs to be done. 5. What character trait(s) about CeeCee stuck out the most to you in these first ten chapters? She self reliant, and strong, but still seeks the love and comfort from someone. 6.Do you think CeeCee is as mature as she seems? She is mature about some things, like being able to work and support herself, but not so much about others, like how much she is sacrificing to save a woman she knows nothing about for a boy friend she hasn't known very long. This is a very good book, and I have gone way past the first 10 chapters and can't wait until I finish it. I didn't expect it to be the kind of book that it is, and I wouldn't recommend it to others just because of some of it's content. Am I the only one that feels that way?


  1. I'm like you, I started this book not knowing anything about it, but it far passed my expectations!!

    Really enjoyed your answers and take on chapters 1-10. The dynamics of the characters and the way the writing keeps you engaged is pretty much why I finished the book in like two days, haha!!

  2. Yeah, I have been busy all morning, but am fixing to sit down and finish all of it!