Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ministry of Motherhood

I am participating in reading  Sally Clarkson's book "Ministry of Motherhood" with the Good Morning Girls. I help with many ministries in our church including, Sunday School, Children's Church, Missionettes, Puppets and even lead our Sister's of the Lord group. Out of all these ministries, which most include children, I haven't ever thought of Motherhood as a Ministry until I read the introduction to Sally's book.

It is my job to teach the kids that come into our house how to be disciples of Jesus. This includes nieces, nephews, and foster kids.

Sally and her husband uses "Life Gifts" as a way to minister to their children. They use they acronym GIFTS as a way to help remember the lessons that they wanted to teach their kids.

G – Gift of Grace

I – Gift of inspiration

F – Gift of Faith

T – Gift of Training

S – Gift of Service

These are great gifts that even parents need to know and live out daily. I know that the best way to teach kids is through example, so in order to teach our kids these Life Gifts I need to start living these life gifts!

I look forward to learning how to serve God the best in the Ministry of Motherhood that He has called me to serve in during this time in my life!

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