Saturday, July 28, 2012

Up Date on Kids

We finally have a new adoption worker.

She made a visit last week and stayed all of 10 minutes after driving an hour and a half. She has turned everything over to the attorney.

I have spoke to the attorney's office and once we are able to get a piece of paper notarized and back to them, they will send the information to the judge...

And then we just have to wait on a court date!!

So not too much longer and they will be ours and they will be done with case workers and visits and crazy behaviors leading up to these events (or after these events).

They start school in a little over a week, which the boys say they are not ready for, and S. says she is ready for.

Me personally...SO READY!!!

They are driving me crazy. And I keep wandering, how in the world do you plan on home schooling them once you can? I'm praying about that one ! HA!!

I definitely want to home school them, that is not the problem.

The problem lies in the fact of how in the world am I going to do everything that needs to be done, plus have a baby, plus have them underfoot all the time. I make let them go outside every chance they can to play. But honestly they don't know how to "play". Weird I know. But really they will just walk around the yard forever, doing absolutely nothing, with the exception of M.

M on the other hand gets into EVERYTHING! No joke... and it is so frustrating when you go to look for something and it's not in it's rightful place, and "NO ONE" knows how it came up missing or where it could possibly be. Then days later it mysteriously reappears to it's original spot!

Anyways, I know that God will provide me what I need in order to home school the kids! Including patience!!!

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  1. Praying everything works out smoothly for you concerning the adoption and new baby :-)

    Homeschooling won't be as difficult as you imagine it to be ... once it is underway, it will be a breeze! I promise :-D

    Keep your eyes on the goal; LOL