Thursday, June 17, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

We have a lot going on right now!!!
1st- Derreck and I are wanting to take a trip together. Just to get away. We are always so busy, even when he is at work. I really believe that since we don't have kids of our own (yet), that everyone thinks that we have all the free time in the world. It seems like here lately, Derreck and I are constantly going in the opposite direction! The problem is...Where do we go? We want to go somewhere where we can relax but do fun stuff. It can't be to far of a drive away. It can't be way too expensive. So the question still remains...where do we go?

2nd- We are wanting to buy a new to us car. One that has less miles on it than mine does! We will be giving my truck to Nanny to drive, and giving Nanny's car to Mikey & Roze to drive. But so far we haven't found anything that fits just right. So we are still looking!

3rd- We are trying to get the church legal and all the business parts situated. Then Derreck gets this bright idea about opening yet another church. I feel like he is going 100 miles an hour and I am struggling to catch up! And when I almost get to the same place he is, he takes of again! I know that God has this in His hands and He will guide us!

4th- Everyone around us is having babies and it just makes us want one even worse than before! I think we have decided to do foster care with the possibility to adopt. It is such a big decision that could end up breaking my heart over an over again. Then I think, we can help some kids have a great home if we do this! The more and more I think about it though...the more excited I get. I am ready for this and so is Derreck! Know we just have to wait to do all the classes, and qualification stuff! And of course for kids!!!! Couldn't you see us with a house full of kids? I can!!!

I have never gave up hope that one day I will have kids to call my own. Does that mean I have to have them naturally? NOPE!!!! I love every kid that we come into contact with and each one has a special place in my heart!


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