Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Update on Kids Adoption

Well! The kids adoption worker retired... She couldn't give us an estimate on how long it would for them to give us an replacement adoption worker.

She also couldn't give us an estimate on how long before the adoption would be finalized.

We also told her that I was pregnant at this visit that she informed us about all of this.

I think she felt bad, or guilty or something because she did everything she could to speed the process up. She completed all paper work that needed to be signed by us. We signed everything and turned it into the temporary adoption worker today. She didn't know anything about any of the paper work being completed so she was really relieved.

She said it would definitely be before Christmas, but most likely after school started back.

I want it done before the baby is born, that way they are "ours" and know that they aren't going anywhere!

Things seem  to have settled down behavior wise lately. 2 of the 3 ended up getting on trouble today for things that they know better not to do. I blame this on the adoption workers visit. No offense to her or anything, but that's just how things go. But neither kid flipped out like they did in the past.

S leaves for camp this next Monday. Both boys leave for camp the following Monday. I need a break! LOL

I hate the idea of respite visits, so that is not an option for us. If I can't leave them with family members that we trust then I don't want to leave them with any stranger that is "trusted" by the state. I am sorry but not all foster parents measure up to our standards. To be completely honest, I hate leaving them with anyone, just because of how they act when they come back home. I am hoping and praying that camp doesn't leave them with any bad attitudes that I will have to deal with, because like I said before...I need a break!

M passed to the 3rd grade, and made fairly good grades on his report card. In fact he never dropped any grades , and improved on a lot of them!

S almost made straight A's all year long! But ended up with 1 B the last 9 weeks. On the state testing she received 1 Mastery, 2 Advanced, and 1 Basic. For someone that is sometimes really "Blonde" she is one smart girl!

I almost made AB Honor Roll all year long, but ended up with 1 C the last 9 weeks. Not really sure what happened there, but pretty sure it had something to do with him not studying like he needed to. On state testing he received 2 Advanced and 2 Basic. Pretty good.

The adoption worker seemed surprised that the kids did so well on their report cards...I am guessing this is not normal "foster care" behavior. But these kids are REALLY smart! The have so much potential, and can do so much with it if they just try! I will say that M might not make as good grades as the other two, but that doesn't mean that boy is lacking! Give him some tools and something mechanical and I bet (if I was a betting person) that he could have it figured out before a lot of grown men could! (And he's only 8!!!) But he does make good grades when he tried his hardest!

I am proud of how far these kids have come in the year and a half that we have had them. Sometimes I forget to tell them things like this, but I have been trying to be intentional on saying positive things to encourage them. It seems to be working!

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