Monday, December 6, 2010

Peace On Earth Challenge

This weeks challenge is to slow down, and take some time for ourselves. Courtney wants us to take a Bubble bath and read about the birth of Jesus in Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2. The main focus of the bubble bath was not only to relax, but to focus on God. To take some away from everyone and everything else and spend some time with the Lord.

I had got a Bath Set the night before from our Sisters of the Lord the night before, so what better time to do take a nice, long bubble bath for my birthday! It was so relaxing! I did not read my Bible, because anyone that knows me, knows that I am clumsy! But I did spend that time thinking about the birth of Jesus and thanking God for sending me a Savior! This was the first bubble bath that I took in almost 2 years, and let me tell you it was long over due. I plan on taking more a lot more often!

As I think about the many things that are on my to do list, I have no worries. I am going to do my best, to complete everything that needs to be done, but I am NOT going to stress and get angry because something does not get done. I am also working on better time management in my life, and I know that if God is first in my everyday life, the important things are going to get done!

And Courtney had the photo on her post for this challenge, and I absolutely love it!

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