Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spreading the Love

Saturday, we had some of our nieces and nephews over to bake Valentine cookies. We usually do Ginger Bread Cookies before Christmas, but everyone was sick. So when Joshlyn and Lyrica informed me that we still hadn't made cookies, we improvised and through this together! (Uncle Derreck had to leave in the middle of all the fun, so I'm sure we could have had even more fun if he would have been able to stay!)

Cheyanne and Addyson
Addy kept swatting Chy's hand and telling her "No-No, that's mine!" Too funny.
You have to watch them Drake girls, they are pushy.

Brad getting started on decorating his cookies.

This is "I". Maybe one day you will be able to see his face. Him and Brad have became good friends and are almost like twins. "I" is the city version and Brad is the country version.

Silly Kody! I don't know why he smiled all crazy like that, you never know what you are going to get with him!

Little "M" where do I start. Lets just say you have to keep your eye on this one.

I think Addy is starting to want to be like the big girls! I see her first sleep over with all the other girls at Gin-Gin's in the near future!

Joshlyn was taking crazy pictures too. (She got her apron for her birthday from Yours Truly!)

Lyrica is another one you have to watch. We think she really should have been ours, instead of Shelly's but we won't take her to court. Lyrica is a drama queen with lots of attitude! (She has an apron on that she got for her birthday, but I didn't make it.)

Shaley getting her decorating on. Her cookies were covered with icing! She's always messy though!

"S" did a great job at decorating her cookies. She also has attitude but she's big enough now, that it isn't cute anymore.

All of them together. Some were already eating their cookies by this time! (Brad!!!!)

The girls (see Addy!)

Kody taking pictures. (Shaley's being nosey in the back!)

The boys and Chy rode with me over to the nursing home.

All of the other girls rode with Shelly.

Here is all of the big ones outside the nursing home. Shelly's husband and mother-in-law work here and so does my mother-in-law. See Lyrica stealing the show! She's too funny.

We really had fun and I love to see how well our kids are getting along with all the others. (Except for a small little mishap that included four of the above kids throwing sticks at one of the other. You win some and you loose some!)

I hope to get us all together soon and do something else. It's always fun when you have a house full of kids!

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