Monday, April 16, 2012

31 Days to a Thankful Heart

Purpose: This "challenge" is because I(we) feel like our kids are spoiled. They hardly ever think of others. They have hardly ever done without anything in their lives. When you think of foster kids you normally wouldn't think this? Or maybe we are just in denial, I don't know. I know probably 99% of kids today are spoiled rotten.

When we first decided to do foster care, we were so excited about being able to make a child happy. To see their face light up about something, anything really. We wanted to be the house that they didn't want to leave because it was safe, fun, and loving.

So far I haven't seen our kids faces light up about anything that we have gave, or done for them. Trust me when I say that we have gave, and done, and tried to be that house.

But it all goes back to their previous life and their previous foster home(s).

Sure they were taken away for a reason, a very reasonable reason. I do not doubt for a minute that they still have issues regarding those reasons. They were basically raised by their grandma, and their great grandma. The mom or someone provided any possible toys or goodies that they could possibly want. The grandma(s) fed them as much as they could and what ever they wanted.

At their last foster home, it was basically the same thing. The mom or someone would provide them with any possible goodies or toys that the could want, and the foster parents would feed them as much food as they wanted.

So when they get to our house, they think we should continue this ritual. Except for mom's not in the picture anymore. We think video games are pointless, and therefore they don't get to play them. We don't over feed them. They have chores that they have to do and have to do to the best of their abilities. WE have gave them A LOT. We have done a lot for them.

They say the mandatory "thank yous" but you can tell in their hearts that they don't mean it. You can tell by their actions that they just want more. You can tell by their selfish natures that they think that we have to give them these things.

I want them to think about others, to pray for others. I want them to know how blessed they are to live like they have lived. Honestly I don't know how else to reach their hearts. I am praying for each of them during the next 31 days. For each task that they have to complete and also for other personal things for each child.


1. You must do exactly what is listed for that day and what is on your paper.
2. You will complete the "How did you feel" and the "Who can you pray for" at the end of everyday.
3. These are things that you will not get to do during the next 31 days:
  • Go Carts
  • Movies/TV
  • Fun family Outings
  • Eating out at any Restaurant
  • Wasting of anything
  • No surprises or gifts of any kind
  • No extra anything!
4. You will think of others during the next 31 days, and put yourself last at everything.
5. You will not pray for yourself at any time, this includes "Thank you God for letting us have a good time ________." Pray for other people!
6. You will name one person by name and pray for their specific problem on a daily basis!

Each day they are to do with out one item that we use on a daily basis. Here is a list of the daily items that they will have to do without.

Day 1: Toothbrush
Day 2: Air Conditioner/Heater
Day 3: Deodorant
Day 4: Hairbrushes
Day 5: Snacks
Day 6: Toys
Day 7: Shoes
Day 8: Hot Meals
Day 9: Beds
Day 10: Friends
Day 11: Hot Water
Day 12: Roof to Sleep Under
Day 13: Chairs
Day 14: Siblings
Day 15: Electricity
Day 16: Cold Drinks
Day 17: Shampoo
Day 18: Blankets
Day 19: Talking
Day 20: Washing Machine & Dryer
Day 21: Indoor Plumbing
Day 22: Socks
Day 23: Parents
Day 24: Towels
Day 25: Pillows
Day 26: Lights
Day 27: Extra Clothes
Day 28: Soap
Day 29: Ready to cook food
Day 30: Silverware
Day 31: Jesus  

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