Friday, September 24, 2010

Keeping the Home!

I am joining Janeen again this week for her Keeping the Home series. She was in her daughters' room and did an amazing job cleaning out and organizing! I was suppose to rearrange rooms, but haven't quite got to that part yet. We decided to wait and see how many kids they will say we can have in our Home Study on Tuesday. So we waited to decide which rooms would become what.

We did, however, baby proof the kitchen cabinets. Those little door lock things are aggravating. If you have ever put any in yourself, then I am sure you understand. We also added more Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Alarm and a Fire Extinguisher. (I hope we never need any of these but we have them just in case.) I didn't take pictures of any these because we all know what they look like. HA!

I also moved all of my cast iron pots that were around the wood heater. They are all now stored away in the baby proofed kitchen cabinets. That area was a dust bunnies heaven! It is all nice and clean now and I kind of like it without all the clutter!


  1. I love your wood stove! If we can sell the house we're in and build again we're going to do the brick wall with the open wood stove next time. Makes for better circulation of the heat. Plus it's a lot easier to build.

  2. Thanks! This one has great circulation! LOL And I love the look of it!