Thursday, September 9, 2010

September Secret Sister Meeting

We had a great Secret Sisters Meeting last Saturday.

As of right now we have 17 women involved and there is more talking about joining. That is so exciting to me, because I know that I need Christian friends that will pray for me and encourage me when needed.

It is so encouraging to have older women present to! In Titus 2 older women are charged to teach the
younger women how to love their husbands, and take care of their kids and house. But most importantly they are to teach the younger women to fear the Lord! In today's world women aredrowning in there lives. They don't have any kind of hope, or answer as to how they should be doing these things. That is why it is so important to have these older ladies present! Wisdom comes with age. (Wise words from my wonderful husband!)

And we also have young kids present too! We had 3 babies, 3 older kids! (My two nephews said they were only there for the food! HA!!!) I think it is important for all the kids to see their parents serving the Lord, and worshiping Him! These are future women and they are going to be taught by example. They will learn what their mothers learn and pass on to them.

We have been sending text messages out every day to each other with what we have read in the Bible. It is so encouraging for me to get a message from my sisters with scripture that spoke to their hearts. We also use this as a prayer chain, if any of us need prayer.

Currently we are praying for:

  • Mandi's mom, who has been sick.
  • Matthew to turn to the Lord for answers.
  • The Freeman family and their loss of a precious baby.
  • & each others daily struggles!
I love these girls and they have been such an example to me these past couple of months!

I had more pictures but for some reason they wouldn't load. We even had a baby race at the meeting and the winner was...PIPES!

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