Thursday, December 8, 2011

Birthday Week

So Monday was my Birthday. I turned 28. Crazy to even think that, because I definitely don't feel "that old"! I had a great day that day, under the circumstances. I did recieve some pretty Roses from Derreck! I'm telling you this man is GOOD! He always makes me feel so special on my birthday, even if he is hundreds of miles away! Thank you Derreck, and I love you!

(This isn't the greatest picture, it was taken with my phone. They are so much prettier in person!)

My friends dad passed away early Sunday morning, so I was getting food for the family and helping out as needed.

The truck ended up getting stuck in our yard, but not because of anything that I did (just so you know!) We have been blessed lately with some rain, and I guess others just aren't use to mushy grounds and big trucks.

I also let my purse (with money in it) in a neighboring town that is about 40 minutes from our house. Swell right. Didn't realize it until we pulled up and I was instructing kids on getting everything out of the truck.

So I had to go back to get my purse the next day. I also found out that one of our friend's house burned the night before. She has four small kids with the oldest being four. Did I mention they are all small kids! They pretty much lost everything that they owned. To say that they need prayers is an understatement. (They also need to come to know the Lord personally!)

So the funeral was Wednesday and the burial site was about 25 minutes away from where the services were held. I attended both, and was on my way home when I received a call from my friend who just buried her dad. A tree has fallen in front of their car as they were driving down the road and they couldn't avoid it. So their car is possibly totaled. They need prayers also of course!

It has been a crazy week...

You never know when your time is going to be up...

You never know...

Only God does...

So we should strive to walk daily in His path of righteousness!

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