Monday, December 5, 2011

Flat Stanley & Our Thanksgiving Trip (Day 4)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dear Tyler,

       HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! We really didn’t do too much today beside drive some more. But we did get to see the Amish communities in Pennsylvania.

       The Amish are people that dress in plain Black and White clothes. They might were different color shirts, but not anything crazy. The girls all wear dress, and the boys all wear pants and hats. They don’t believe in taking pictures, so we couldn’t get any picture of them.

       We took a buggy tour of their town and got to see a real Diary Farm. The Amish people all work really hard. They also don’t have any electricity in their houses. That means no T.V., or lights, or video games! While on the tour we got to talk to a six year old Amish boy, and he was so fun!

       We also learned that the kids in Amish communities start school when they are 6 years old and finish school and start working after their 8th grade year. It was really neat to see how different they live than what the rest of America lives.

       I have some really exciting news! Before we left on our buggy tour, Flat Stanley found a girlfriend! Her name is Flat Olivia and she was from California! Isn’t that funny… even a flat guy can find him a girl!

       While driving in Pennsylvania, we got to drive through tunnels that went through the mountains! Flat Stanley really enjoyed this. It reminded him of going in the caves the other day! We finished the day off by driving a little more. I will continue tomorrow with a sweet adventure!

                                                       God Bless,

                                                       Aunt Gin-Gin

I had a few more pictures, but the kids were in them, so I couldn't post them!

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