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Christmas Home Tour

Christmas Home Tour

I am linking up with Kelly from Kelly's Korner for her 2011 Christmas Home Tour! Since my husband hasn't gotten to see all of our wonderful decorating yet, I figured this would be great. So Derreck grab a nice hot cup of coffee (let's pretend I was there to bring it to you) and enjoy!

I wanted to make a wreath like this one to put on my front door or somewhere on my porch, but considering my fall wreath didn't make it 5 minutes I decided I would just leave this one at our store to sell. The reason my fall wreath didn't make it is...

Nimrod! Nothing is safe around him!

So I have this hanging on my front door

Simple but still cute.

As you walk in the front door you are greeted with garland and lights done by I. These are very pretty unless the kids have decided that they need to sit something on there and have knocked it off. :)

You will also see our stockings hanging up. Since Derreck and I didn't have matching stockings to begin with and we needed three more this year, I bought all new ones and the total cost was $5.00, nice, huh?

The angels that are above the stockings were suppose to be for The Sisters of the Lord ladies, but a lot forgot them the other night. So they are still there, waiting to be transferred to the tree handed out.

This is the fire place insert all decorated up. It has my nativity scene, the pumpkins that we glittered up and some candles! (The pumpkins were pretty and fun for the kids to do, but super messy!)

The piano that we moved into the living room, with some of our cards above it.

Derreck's table beside his chair. M and S decorated this themselves!

The coffee table, with no candles in the candle holders. (I keep forgetting to pick up some tea light candles.) Maybe next year!

This is on the kitchen table. If you look real close on the left side a lot of the red berries are turning white. I wander if M sitting there for meals has to do anything withe that?

I couldn't think of any where else to put my churches this year except for in my china cabinet. I absolutely love this though! I think it is my favorite part of the decorations! The family Bible is in the center and turned to Luke 2.

Finally our Christmas tree. We got a real tree this year, that I am told smells wonderful. It is really pretty though. Very full and even came with a cocoon that moths had recently came out.  Yes the kids and Joshlyn and Lyrica strung popcorn this year. Once again this was very messy, but they loved it.  

I also have a few hand made ornaments this year made from the kids! I have only one other ornament that was made by a kid and that was from Kody a few years ago. I am planning on doing a post of each ornament that they have made this year. If you don't like handmade ornaments, you might want to skip that post, because I have decided that I am loving them! (9 years is a lot of Christmas's to go with no "kid" friendly ornaments!)

Every year Derreck and I pick out an ornament for us to go on the tree. (I think I will do a post on these also!) Since Derreck wasn't home when this one got picked, I took a picture.

We also rearranged the living room, so here is a picture of it. The piano is on the other side of the tree.

This was a gift from Mrs. Debbie from church and is hanging on the back door for now. It's really pretty, I just haven't found the perfect place for it.

This is a flower that I received from one of my Sisters of the Lord the other night. Very pretty!

These beauties are also blooming out above my kitchen sink!

So there you have it. Thanks for stopping by!

Merry Christmas

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