Saturday, December 3, 2011

Flat Stanley & Our Thanksgiving Trip (Day 3)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dear Tyler,

       Today we continue our adventures! We planned on going to the Creation Museum, but we had to wait for it to open. Since we were so close to some other state lines we drove into Ohio, and Indiana! We were right by all three states, so why not!

       Now back to the Creation Museum…It’s really neat. This museum is all based on what the Bible says has happened. Everything…including how the world was made. We got to see a Planetarium show, where you see lots of stars on the roof and it explained about our Universe and all the galaxies that surround it. It was really neat to see how little Earth is compared to stars. And God made it all!

       We then went through the museum part and saw all the life like people from the Bible. We saw Adam and Eve. Flat Stanley took a picture with them and with the Tree of Life! We also saw Methuselah, who was the oldest man in the Bible, he was 969 years old when he died! That is really old!

       We also saw Noah building the ark with his sons. They are building a real Noah’s Ark somewhere around the museum, but since they aren’t done; we didn’t get to see that!

       After we finished the tour, we got back to DRIVING!! We headed towards the Amish communities in Pennsylvania. While driving there we crossed into West Virginia and on into Pennsylvania! But soon after we started to get tired, so we pulled over to get some rest. I will write more tomorrow after we explore the Amish!

                                                God Bless,

                                                Aunt Gin-Gin

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