Friday, December 2, 2011

Flat Stanley & Our Thanksgiving Trip (Day 2)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dear Tyler,

       Our adventures continued again today! They first began with guess what….

MORE DRIVING!!! We drove through Tennessee and on into Kentucky.

       Our first stop of the day wasn’t planned, but who can pass up a HUGE dinosaur on the side of the road! We ended up at Dinosaur World in Cave City, Kentucky. They had tons of life like dinosaurs to look at, and take pictures with! We even got to dig for fossils. Guess what Flat Stanley found…. A real shark’s tooth! He was so excited.

       Flat Stanley was also caught joking around today. When we went to go into the bathroom at Dinosaur World, we found Flat Stanley acting like the bathroom man that you see before you go into the restroom. You know the one that tells you if you are going into the boys or girls room! At least he didn’t act like he was the girl!

       After we finished with the dinosaurs we drove a little bit more to go spelunking, which is cave exploring! It was really neat to go inside a mountain, yep a REAL mountain! Flat Stanley was really hard to take pictures of underground. But I think we got a few good ones! The cave guide even recognized Flat Stanley! How neat is that! Flat Stanley also took a picture with a deer!

       After we finished with the cave we drove some more, so that we would be closer to what we want to do tomorrow! We got a hotel room and got some much needed rest! I will continue our adventures tomorrow.

                                                God Bless,

                                                Aunt Gin-Gin

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