Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Card 2011

Christmas Card

I love Christmas Cards! But not too many of my friends do. Slackers I usually hate to check the mail. (Just ask Derreck...I could go for days without checking it, if it weren't for him!) Derreck likes the sales sheets/papers (which ever you prefer) and the catalogs and even everyday mail. I do NOT like this stuff. To me it is all junk, or work. It fills up my handy dandy binder, it fills up my mail organizer that Derreck made me, it even fills up the trash cans. It never stops!

But come December, I like to check the mail in hopes that I will get some Christmas cards! Last year I only got three. Very depressing if you ask me. I might need to find some new friends.  I even saved those cards, just in case I didn't get very many this year, so I would have some to display. Crazy, huh? I told you it was depressing!

Anyways I have received more this year already than what I received last year, but only three have officially came in the mail. However, I do have more than last year!

So Faith over at Walk With Me By Faith is hosting a Christmas Carousel. This is so fun. I wish I had time to look at every one's cards. I have looked at a couple, but not many. I did notice that the majority ALL of the cards that I did look at were family photo pictures. Ours is not!

One reason being that we wouldn't be able to "legally" put the kids pictures on the card until after we adopt them. And another reason being...I hate pictures. There are very few pictures of my husband and me since we were married. (There are more of us at our wedding than any other!) I will say this though...I have seriously been considering a family photo, but I have decided to put it off until the adoption is final. Then we can send every a family photo that they can crumple up in their kitchen drawers  hang on their wall.

Since we didn't do a family photo card, I can safely and "legally" put our card on here though!

So here it is...

"Oh Come Let Us Adore Him"

"May the light of Christ guide you in the coming year."
"Have a very Merry Christmas"
 "When they saw  the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy."
Matthew 2:10

I was looking for a way to hang the Christmas cards that I was hoping to get this year, and found a simple way. I just take paper clips, tie just a little bit of ribbon to them and viola...

Something to hold the cards to a pretty piece of ribbon, that you can hang any where you wish!

I hung mine in the living room, on a bare wall. ( I had really high hopes on the number of cards I would be getting this year!) See I have gotten quite a few so far. A few of the cards pictured here are Birthday Cards, but since my birthday is in December, I say why not include them too! (I also misplace one card that I received on Monday Night at our Sister's of the Lord Meeting. I am sure it will turn up somewhere.


  1. What a clever idea to display the cards! You should definitely do a family photo when everything is final!!

    Thank you for joining in the fun. Hope you have a very Merry CHRISTmas!!

  2. Great idea to hang your pictures. The cards we receive each year dwindles too!

    Praying your adoptions are final VERY soon, so you can get that family picture!!!