Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 10 of Being Thankful

Join us over at Becoming a Stron Woman of God to see waht others are thankful for today!

Day 10

I love fall. I love the colors of all the decorations. The yellows, red, and oranges that are in all fall decorations are just gorgeous. Most of the time in Louisiana we don't get to enjoy very much of fall. I can't remember a single fall that I actually saw trees that were green, yellow, orange, red, and brown all at the same time. Except this fall!

Usually we go from this...

to this...

in what seem like over night.

But this year I am seeing all kinds of color, and for someone that gets distracted easily while driving it can get pretty dangerous!

This year I am seeing trees like this...

And I am sooooo thankful, that God made colors like these!

Today the kids are thankful for...

M is thankful for the animals that God created.

I is thankful for the Bible.

S is thankful for her fish.

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  1. What a beautiful fall picture! I am missing fall here in Africa.