Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 17 of Being Thankful

Day 17

Today I am thankful for my little sister, Cassie. We haven't always been very close. In fact at one point we probably hated each other. I know that's a little drastic but it's true. We weren't close at all. She was so demanding ALL the time. I'm sure most of my resentment came from the lack of attention I got because of her getting all of it.

Things have changed soooo much. She has changed and so have I. When she got pregnant with Kaleb she changed completely. It wasn't about her anymore. She became a mother, even before he was born. She did things that I thought she would never do. It was so amazing to see the changes that were happening in her life, just because a baby was coming.

Once she had Kaleb she continued to become this wonderful woman, that was now a mother. It was so sweet to see her with him. To see her dress him, even in shoes. He was so little and she was so gentle.

After he passed away, she changed even more. I know that his passing is the hardest thing that she has had to deal with. I also know that she has had to turn to God in this time, more than she has ever had too before. She has amazed me at how strong she really is. I know she still hurts though. Who wouldn't?

She is know pregnant again, and she is still amazing me at the woman she has become.

I thank God that he is helping my little sister so much!

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