Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 6 of Being Thankful

Day 6

I really hate getting behind on something!

On Sunday I was thankful for some of our family to come over to visit. Mike is Derreck's brother. He is married to Rose and they have two cute little girls...Piper Pixie Perry and Pippa Presley Perry. Fun names huh! I helped choose Pippa! Both are really fun to be around and are pretty easy going! Pippa loves her some uncle Derreck! Rose also happens to be D's aunt!

Don't they look fun! We found these hats at a Cracker Barrel and I couldn't resist! They have the perfect personalities for them!

The kids are thankful for...

M is thankful for his preacher.

I is thankful for his teachers at church.

S is thankful for Sunday School.

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