Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 19 of Being Thankful

Day 19

Alright I made a promise, and I plan to keep it, so I will be doing 12 posts tonight and all before midnight! Now I realize that I was apologized on Day 4 for being late. Day 4 folks. I know that seems a little bit ridiculous, but I can't take it back now. All I can do is try harder next time. (I will to, I promise. And since I just made a promise I will be a liar if I don't keep it!)

So for this 19th day of November 2011, I am very thankful for my brother. We have always got along pretty well with each other, no real big fusses or anything like that. He has four of some of my favorite kids. His wife is a pretty close friend of mine. I do pray for him to get to know Jesus personally though. As mentioned in the post about my dad, they both really need to turn their lives over to Jesus in order to receive the peace only that He can give.

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