Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 18 of Being Thankful

Day 18

Okay, I know that y'all are tired of hearing this but I refuse to give up. I will have 30 things listed that I am thankful for by November 30th at midnight. I will.

I do have a very good reason as to why I haven't posted this past week. We were gone all week on a family trip to Pennsylvania! I will post more about the trip and our adventures once I at least get caught up on my Thanksgiving posts. We had a lot of fun though!

So for this day I am very thankful for our safe travels. I know that God has never promised that we would be safe, in fact He tells us that we will be persecuted for His name's sake. But I am oh so thankful for the safety that He does provide for my family and me. (Especially with my driving.) Derreck even made a epitaph about my driving abilities that he said will be on my tomb stone! I don't remember it, but I will see if he does.

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  1. Don't give up... I have gotten behind more than once and even now I am behind. I prob should just write my post instead of blog hopping... my newlyfound addiction!! lol!!