Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 27 of Being Thankful

Day 27

Today I am thankful for S.

She is such a pretty young lady.

She is does a great job at school.

She is very athletic, and can often beat the boys at most things.

She thinks of others, when she has allowance to spend. Most of the time she spends her entire allowance on gifts for others.

She tries so hard to be liked by everyone, I just pray that she learns to be herself and to please God and not others.

She has made me want to try to me more "girlie" because I don't want her to act like a boy, I want her to be a princess, like she deserves to be.

She is the one that God is using to change my heart and my patience and my tone of voice.

She wants to be loved so bad. And I know that sometimes I don't show that love like I need to. She is the one that God is using to help me through that.

She is sooooo crafty. I love to do crafts with her, to teach her how to make new things. I think we need to work on this more often, and build on some love for each other.

I also think that I am going to print this post out for her and give it to her. This is stuff that she needs to know.

I am also going to write letters for the kids on December 26th (it will be a year that they have been with us) because of her. I want these letters to tell them about our year together as a family, I do want them to know the struggles that we all faced, but I want them to see that they are wanted in this house.  I will put these letters in their life books ad write one for each year. I thought of this the other day, and I thought of it mainly for S, but have decided to do it for the boys to.

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