Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 11 of Being Thankful

Day 11

First I just want to say that I am horrible at taking pictures when there is lots going on. Today we had our family Thanksgiving Dinner at our house. Derreck and I ended up watching miss Pippa today, because Piper was in the hospital with a virus. Piper is doing a lot better now though. Pippa is such a easy baby, I don't know if I have watched a baby before that was as easy as her. Today was just a great day.

Today I am thankful for the abundance of food that the Lord always provides for us. ALWAYS!

For instance...

When everyone lost food because of power outages during Hurricanes Rita and Katrina, we lost absolutely no food. I had just went grocery shopping, but we didn't loose anything. NOTHING! WE even cooked for us, and others for almost a week and had plenty to eat for every meal. God provided!

Any holiday that we have ever had we always have an abundance of food. I always cook the same things and the same amounts. It doesn't matter how many families show up to eat...we always have enough!! God provides!

Even when I am baking cakes and it looks like my oil is running out, some how I always have just enough oil to finish the cakes I planned on making. Even if its 6 cake mixes! God provides.

Now I know these stories don't even compare to when Jesus fed the five thousand with just some fish and bread, but he does provide. That makes me so thankful!

The kids are already asleep, so I will just catch theirs up on tomorrows post!

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